1. Amadlozi (Boet Quality Remix)
    Apple Jazz ft Slaga & Idelan

  2. I Miss The Things (Remixes 2019)
    Lars Behrenroth & Sinan Baymak

  3. Windforms

  4. No Tells (incl. remix by Addvibe)

  5. Love You
    Lars Behrenroth

  6. Error
    Apple Jazz

  7. Prism
    Lars Behrenroth

  8. Boa Noite

  9. Sweet Temptation - The Remixes

  10. Nightcolor

  11. Machangu (Halo & Lars Behrenroth Remix)
    Infinite Boys feat. G.Man

  12. Amadlozi
    Apple Jazz ft Slaga & Idelan

  13. Zoo People (incl. Owen Jay & Ed Blank Remix)
    X Brazas

  14. The Tryout
    Lars Behrenroth

  15. June 13th
    Lars Behrenroth

  16. Love Hold On (incl. Satoshi Fumi Remix)

  17. Differences
    Kaygee Pitsong

  18. 30 Seconds
    Lars Behrenroth

  19. Projections EP
    Ancient Deep

  20. Minority In Terms Of Thought (2017 Remaster)
    Lars Behrenroth

  21. Yapheli'mali Yami (Halo & Lars Behrenroth Remix)
    Busi Mhlongo

  22. Sweet Temptation EP

  23. Backfired (Lars Behrenroth Edit)
    Debbie Harry

  24. I Don't Know (Remixes by Charles Webster & Lars Behrenroth)
    Michael Ashe

  25. Face Down (incl. Lars Behrenroth remix)
    Gabriel Magdelani

  26. Thrill Her
    Jack Son

  27. Liselotte
    Michael Lovatt

  28. When I Touch Your Lips - THE REMIXES
    Jesus Pablo & Adam Brass ft. Raha

  29. It's Just Your Love (Teddy's Party Rockin' Dub)
    Teddy Esposito

  30. Shady Worms (incl. DJ Aakmael Remix)
    DJ Funky T

  31. Keep On (Dub) feat. Chezere (Deeper Shades Store EXCLUSIVE)
    Lars Behrenroth

  32. Deep House Blues EP
    Teddy Esposito

  33. Deeper Shades EP Volume 2
    Lars Behrenroth

  34. Stars (Everlasting Love) [DeejayKul meets Soultechnic Remix]
    Ultra Tone featuring VaalSow & DJ Sue

  35. I Don't Know
    Michael Ashe

  36. New York City EP
    Fast Vision Soul

  37. When I Touch Your Lips
    Jesus Pablo & Adam Brass feat. Raha

  38. Within Reason
    Lars Behrenroth

  39. Light Is New

  40. The Dark Files EP
    Arnold Tempo & Apple Jazz

  41. Inflection
    Lars Behrenroth

  42. The Melody
    Nteeze & Andy

  43. Madness Last Night
    Lars Behrenroth

  44. Vision (Remixes by Karizma and Blaq Soul)
    Blaq Soul

  45. Shining Diamonds
    DJ Funky T

  46. Lift It Up
    The True Rebels

  47. Final Wielkiej Cioty (Lars Behrenroth Edit)
    Sroczynski Prus

  48. Neotek
    Gil Tamazyan

  49. Liv a Lil' (Suges Remix)
    Meropa Park

  50. Long Time Coming EP

  51. Deep Abyss EP
    Kenny Zarro

  52. Lars Behrenroth presents Various Shades Volume 3

  53. The Real Me (incl. Marco Fracasso and Lars Behrenroth Remixes)
    Salvatore Agrosi feat. Dennis Baker

  54. Ubizo
    DJ Mtshepang ft. Tshepside & Lulama

  55. Cloud 9 (incl. Tony Loreto Remix)
    Deep House Maniacs feat. Siba

  56. Touching You (Lars Behrenroth Remix)

  57. Feel It

  58. Ekat Em Yawa (A Talk With My Ancestors)
    King Bayaa

  59. Walk A Mile Part 2 (Remixes by Kai Alce & Kadasma)
    Cuebur feat. Nathan X

  60. Lars Behrenroth presents Various Shades Vol.2
    Various Artists

  61. I Miss The Things - Remixes 2011
    Lars Behrenroth & Sinan Baymak

  62. House Afrika presents Deeper Shades of House DIGI-SAMPLER
    Lars Behrenroth

  63. Walk A Mile
    Cuebur feat. Nathan X

  64. Saharien Child (incl Lars Behrenroth Remix)

  65. Ad Fontes EP
    Offie & Ky

  66. Deeper Shades Loves Teflon Dons
    Teflon Dons

  67. So Far Away (incl. remixes by Nomumbah & Lars Behrenroth)
    Nathan X & Cuebur

  68. Papawenda - The Remixes
    Fabio Genito

  69. Consciousness (Incl. Matthew Bandy & Jojoflores Rmxs)
    Joe DiPadova

  70. Final Conviction EP

  71. Lars Behrenroth presents Various Shades Vol.1
    Various Artists

  72. Hypnotize You Pt 2 (incl. Ezel, Christo & Jay Tripwire Remixes)
    Soulscience feat. Dennis Baker

  73. Xiba Chant (Incl. MindTech & Lars Behrenroth Remixes)
    Marco Fracasso

  74. Hypnotize You Pt 1 (Incl. Atjazz & DKMA Rmxs)
    Soulscience feat. Dennis Baker

  75. Deeper Shades EP Vol.1
    Lars Behrenroth

  76. Move It On EP

  77. Spirit EP
    Salvatore Agrosi

  78. Space Love EP
    Sinan Baymak

  79. Now Is The Time
    Matt Flores

  80. Glowind

  81. Papawenda
    Fabio Genito

  82. I Miss The Things
    Lars Behrenroth & Sinan Baymak

  83. The Dance

  84. Yes Smoke
    Jojoflores & Joe DiPadova


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